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Turn Free Wi-Fi UP To Increase Social Engagement With Customers

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Last week I came across this amazing Digital Marketing Strategy which will add immense value to your business. So, I thought to share it in this blog. If you own a small business, then you surely will be looking for new and innovative ways to attract more customers and get more views on social media platforms. If you have a store with a physical address and you want to increase the audience reach, attract more customers, making your business useful and desirable to them, then this technique surely will benefit you a lot. It's Facebook Wi-Fi.

What is Facebook Wi-Fi?

Facebook Wi-Fi allows your customer to avail free Wi-Fi after they check in to your business FB. Once they check-in, the information appears in their news feed and is visible to friends and family hence a wider audience to reach. The reasons why this is beneficial are as follow:

  1. Social Proof: One of the important forms of marketing is social proof from trusted ones. Buying decisions are affected by what your loved ones are doing around you. What they trust and what delivered to them the most value. When customer checks in and tag your business, it builds your credibility and trust as a business and allows you to gain wider acceptance as a brand.
  2. Brand improvement: It allows the business owners to respond to check-ins, this gives the opportunity to further humanize the brand and build a deeper connection with the audience.
  3. More followers on Instagram: You can also connect your Instagram profile and increase followers.
  4. Share and Review on business: Once customers reach the Facebook page, they can share pictures, tag products, like posts, leave reviews which increases social engagement.
  5. It allows you to appear in Google search when people search for free Wi-Fi around while moving.
  6. The fast and Easier way to connect: The whole talk is useless if the technology is not seamless and easy to use. The good thing is that Facebook Wi-Fi is easy to connect. No more remembering passwords. Just check in to the business page and you are good to go! Giving customers what they want in a seamless and enjoyable way.
  7. Free of cost: Completely free and it is genuinely an incredible marketing strategy where there is nothing to lose and a lot of goodness to gain.

How to set up Facebook Wi-Fi?

It is going to provide a good win-win for you as a business owner and as a customer. It is free and set up in less than 20 min.

Three steps in less than 20 minutes. This can be done if you are into technical know-how, but you can hire a local technician for the purpose. All you need is here.

You have to enable the Facebook WiFi settings by following the method for your router and checking the connection via mobile phone. That’s it! The complete guide is available by Facebook to follow and set up.

It's fast and it's reliable. An ultimate win-win digital marketing strategy that helps you as a business owner and your customers.

It's fast and it's reliable. An ultimate win-win digital marketing strategy that helps you as a business owner and your customers.

For further details or a Facebook WiFi solution for your restaurant, please contact Unilakes Technologies at 04 82647 200 or email us at sales@unilakes.com

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