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How IoT is Bringing Innovation In Digital Signage

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Almost every one of us is using IoT in our homes and workplaces today. But have you ever wondered how this technology can be used in digital signage and can generate more profit for you?

Interactivity has always been the main goal of digital signage but re-thinking the ways to bring digital signage to life is a new area of concern for the industry today. Why should customers go through extra steps when you can seamlessly greet, guide, or advertise to them with the help of sensors directly integrated into the digital signage platform? Well, this is now real and at Unilakes we are working in collaboration with Wallboard to develop sensor-enabled digital signage.

Sensor-Enabled Digital Signage Use-Cases

Let's have quick look at the numerous use cases of this technology.

  1. Motion detection: Motion sensors can be used in a variety of different scenarios. An interesting solution that emerged during the Corona pandemic is mirrored display near a sink that could show dynamic handwashing messaging with a triggered countdown timer to ensure proper safety standards are met. Also, a countdown timer can be Implemented.
  2. Social distance: Distance detecting sensors can also be used to promote social distancing within a store or office building.
  3. Greet message: Motion detectors can be used to trigger a greeting message, video ad, or wayfinding messaging to customers who just passed by the display.
  4. Promoting content: A lobby screen could be set to a default screensaver but activate a company video if someone gets close enough.
  5. Offering deals and coupons: Can be used to offer dynamic offers and deals in restaurants n customer visits. Can detect if he is a regular customer and offers them special vouchers. Also, gender-specific advertisements can be promoted e.g. perfumes for ladies and gents can be displayed separately from them
  6. Tie Products to Your Displays  Using I/O+ Relay Sensors or AI Cameras with your displays allow you to generate content tied to products when customers interact with merchandise. I/O ports can be tied to a specific product. When that product is selected, a triggered event is initiated, resulting in the product information showing up on the corresponding display.
  7. Interactive Physical Buttons No access to a touch display? No problem. Wallboard’s IoT Sensor integration works with buttons to turn your basic screen into a dynamic, interactive display. Program the buttons with unique functions allowing the end-user to navigate through your content. Transition to the next/previous page in the content, select a product on the display or interact with a button on the page. The possibilities are endless.

Digital signage is important to most aspects of marketing for a business. It plays a significant role in long-term success and customer traffic. Digital signage offers many benefits for any individual business but also poses numerous opportunities for businesses to assist one another with advertising through specialized displays at strategic locations.

How can we help you?

Unilakes is proud to partner with Wallboard and we can help you implement digital signage for your business. For further details or a sensor-based digital-signage solution, please contact Unilakes Technologies at 04 82647 200 or email us at sales@unilakes.com.

Courtesy: wallboard.info/digital-signage-blog

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